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DllCall help, crashes

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hi guys,

These is the C++ function am trying to DLLCall

RET_CODE rmsdk_init(const char* resPath)

RET_CODE is an enum, respath is the path of of an ebook,

This code is giving me a crash

$dll = DllOpen("rmsdk_wrapper.dll")
$path = "C:\Users\ahagarag\Desktop\App\version.epub"
$return = DllCall($dll,"long","rmsdk_init","str",$path)

And also how to write dll call for this function ?

RET_CODE reader_create(const char* docURL, RECORD_TYPE type, READER_HANDLE* handle, char* errorCode, UInt* size)

here READER_HANDLE* is just void* and Uint is unsigned int typdedef



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