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running command copy with @scriptdir

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I'm trying to execute a copy statement from in my script (basically I'm using it to concatenate all the text files in a folder)

When I give the explicit path it works, but when I try to use @scriptdir it doesn't

RunWait('"' & @ComSpec & '" /c copy C:\Automation\AutoIt\db\log\*.txt C:\Automation\AutoIt\db\log\outfile.csv', '', @SW_HIDE)

When I try to use

RunWait('"' & @ComSpec & '" /c copy '&@ScriptDir"\db\log\*.txt "&@ScriptDir"\db\log\merged.csv"&', '', @SW_HIDE)

it errors. 


I've been trying to figure out a simple way of doing this and I even tried this:

$CMDLINE[copy @ScriptDir&"\db\log\*.txt" @ScriptDir&"\db\log\output.csv"]

but I seem to be missing something. 

Any suggestions?

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