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Cannot connect through VPN

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Hey Guys,

I hope you can help me with my problem connecting to an (external)server on a workstation through a VPN connection.

I have a script what connects to my Mysql Database (external), this is working fine but when i connect my workstation to a VPN connection (to access my company's network) the Database cannot be accessed. When i disconnect the VPN connection it is working fine again.

I thought this was a problem with my PROXY settings, but how can i change this only for my script?

Thanks guys!

Greetings Wouter

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Hey Guys,

Sorry for bumping this topic but i figured something out and i now know that the Mysql script is not the only thing that won't work.

When i do a simpel PING command Ping("www.myserver.com", 250) it doesn't work! When i disconnect the VPN connection it is working fine,....

I have tried some PROXY settings; like HttpSetProxy(0/1/2, ""), but this isn't working for me also.

Maybe good to know;

On this machine Firefox won't work when the VPN connection is made,.. i have to set the proxy settings to automatic (in Firefox) then it is working fine (also when VPN connection is made)

I hope someone can help me with this, it is getting me crazy :(


I have tried to add an STATIC ROUTE but when i ping the DNS server from Google (eg. it is saying TIMEOUT.


It doesn't work,.. i have no clue why not,.. i told the system to use gateway when requested for am i right?

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