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Guest A.C.

Process Manager

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Guest A.C.

My internet connection has been down for the past few weeks due to Katrina. During that time, I started working on a few scripts. I'll share more later, after I fix a few bugs. I wrote this one as a pseudo-replacement for Task Manager.

Currently, all you can really do is view and/or end open processes, but there are a few usability features. It can remember its window position as well as minimize to the system tray and remember an always on top setting.

These settings can be stored either in the registry or an .ini file. Upon first run, it will ask your preference. If you have the registry keys AND the .ini file, the registry keys will take precedence.

I plan on adding new information later such as each process' CPU and memory usage. I'm trying to figure out the best dll calls to accomplish this. Also, I plan on adding more features such as a run box, an open windows tab, and other aesthetic/usability type features.

Let me know any bugs you find or anything you would like to see changed. ;)


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