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splitting it up

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Hi all,

        I need some help working out how to split some code.

The website shows how many staff are avalible for day shift and night shft seperated by a /

so what im trying to work out is how to only show the first number

This is what i have so far

for example i have 3 for day and 4 for night

$oSpan = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "span", 3)
$msg = $oSpan.innerText
$ms = StringTrimRight ( $msg, 2)
;local $msg = _StringBetween($sText, ";", "/")
MsgBox(64, "Results", $ms)

reslut comes up as 3/ in msg box

so how can i remove the /

in the end im hoping to get an auto email if day number is lower than 5

any ideas?

cheers Shane

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