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Error: Unable To Open File, The Maximum Number Of

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How do I resolve this issue, I dont think I am doing anything wrong in the script. Take a look

The Error:_____________________________________________________

AutoIT Error:

Line 610 (File C:\SiteSep_new.au3):

$LOG = FileOpen($LOGNAME & ".csv", 1)

Error: Unable to open file, The maximum number of open files has been exceeded.


The code:

All Variables are declared



If Not WinActive("classname=IEFrame","") Then WinActivate("classname=IEFrame","")


WinShow("classname=IEFrame","", @SW_MAXIMIZE)


If $TITLEX = $TITLE2 Then ;==>TEST Title

$DIF = Round(TimerStop($BEGIN1))


$LOGLINE=$TITLEX & "," & "OK," & $START & "," & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & "," & $DIF & "," & $LSTOP1 & "," & $FSTOP1 & "," & $FSTOP2 & "," & $SSTOP1 & "," & $SSTOP2 & "," & $PSTOP1 & "," & $PSTOP2 & "," & $ESTOP1 & "," & $ESTOP2 & "," & $BSTOP1

$LOG = FileOpen($LOGNAME & ".csv", 1) ;LINE 610

If $LOG = -1 Then ;==> Check Log

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open LOG.")

EndIf ;==> Check Log

FileWriteLine($LOG, $LOGLINE)





EndIf ;==>TEST Title

EndFunc ;==>SUCCESS

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There is a limit to the number of open files you can have, that limit is set at 64. Are you opening any other files in your script? Are you opening a file in a loop (While, For, Do) and maybe missing a FileClose() somewhere? Something in your script has caused a bunch of files to be open and you can't open any more.

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Ok I think I found the issue. Thanks

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