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Using AutoIT and Adobe InDesign

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Before I go down this road, does anyone have a comment on using AutoIT to automate my actions in InDesign? Most of this is opening a 3 page template, drawing graphic boxes, and then importing PDFs into those boxes. Currently I work on a MAC and use an applescript I wrote to accomplish this. Will AutoIT be my solution on the PC? 

I also need to automate a plugin for InDesign called Smartstream. It was NOT scriptable on the MAC, but maybe I can automate it on the PC?

thanks in advance.


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hello davidk19380, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

first, it seems InDesign is natively scriptable, without external tools. have a look here:


if that does not suit you, AutoIt can automate applications in several ways

1) using the application API if available.

2) simulating mouse clicks and keystrokes, combined with reading text from the application GUI if available.

3) manipulating files directly.

of course the 1st option is preferred.

how are you currently automating InDesign? is this "AppleScript" thing similar to one of the methods mentioned above?

please remember that AutoIt is a Windows scripting language (although with considerable capabilities under WINE for Linux and Mac). therefore most AutoIt users are Windows-oriented. you'll need to explain yourself better when introducing non-Windows environment needs.

following that thought, now for the "Smartstream" thingy - do provide some more details, like a brief explanation, or a screenshot with some pointers would be helpful.

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