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[Solved] Add rows from one 2D array to another 2D array

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I have been searching for a solution with no success so i would like to ask for your help.

I am trying to add certain rows from one 2d array to another. I cannot get anything to work.

dim $array1[0][0]

$tabledata[4][4] = 

[ data1 ] [ EMPTY ] [ EMPTY ] [ EMPTY ]
[ data1 ] [ data2 ] [ data3 ] [ data4 ]
[ EMPTY ] [ data2 ] [ data3 ] [ data4 ]

The following columns of row 3 from $tabledata should be copied into $array1:




so that $array1 would have the following data:

$array1[0][3] =

[ data2 ][ data3 ][ data4 ]

I have tried the following with no success:

$array1[ubound($array1)-1][0] = $tabledata[3][1]



It's also ok if i could get to copy all of row 3 of $tabledata into $array1, but that has not worked either.

Could you please give me some help?

Thank you.

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Problem solved.

The problem with what i was doing here: $array1[ubound($array1)-1][0] = $tabledata[3][1] was Ubound-1 . Since the array was declared at size zero, autoit was trying to write at value -1

The correct way to do it was:

dim $array1[0][2]

$array1[ubound($array1)][0] = $tabledata[3][1]

$array1[ubound($array1)][1] = $tabledata[3][2]

$array1[ubound($array1)][2] = $tabledata[3][3]


If i would use it in a loop, i would need to increase $array1's row count each time before writing into it.

I would use

for $i=1 to 100
ReDim $array1[UBound($array1)+1][2]
$array1[Ubound($array1)][0] = $tabledata[3][1]
$array1[Ubound($array1)][1] = $tabledata[3][2]
$array1[Ubound($array1)][2] = $tabledata[3][3]

Thank you.

Edited by mexykanu

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