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Hey guys, 

i made this program a while ago because i couldn't keep track of all the tv shows i watch :P

I uploaded it on a few sites like softpedia and forums but it has not even got many downloads, so i stopped adding new features. Maybe there are some tv show junkies like me on this forum who need something like this :)



TV-Show-Countdown is a small, easy to use application that manages all your favorite tv shows. It is a perfect program for you, if you like watching many tv-shows and need help with keeping track of the airdates and times.


  • Manage all your favorite TV-Shows with a single program
  • See all airing times of your shows and how many days/hours/minutes you have to wait for it
  • Don't get confused with all the time zones, TV-Show-Countdown converts the airing times to your timezone
  • What To Watch Tonight - See what shows will be airing in the next 24 hours
  • Metro inspired User Interface - Customize the User Interface with different colors or just select a theme






The "Download all recently aired shows" and some other features are not available with the version posted on sourceforge.

The special version of the program contains some "not so legal" functions built in(download link fetcher/filesharing link fetcher with jdownloader support etc.), so i won't be posting any soucecodes or links for this version, but you can get it from nsaneforums if you are interested. 

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