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been at this all morning....

just need a little help

For $b = 1 to 1000
            If @error Then ExitLoop
            $bRead = FileReadLine($file2, $b)
            $bSplit = StringSplit($bRead, ",")
            $TbRecords [0][0] = $bSplit[0]
            $TbRecords [$b][1] = $bSplit[1]
            $TbRecords [$b][2] = $bSplit[2]
            $TbRecords [$b][3] = $bSplit[3]
            $TbRecords [$b][4] = $bSplit[4]
            $TbRecords [$b][5] = $bSplit[5]
            _ArraySwap($TbRecords[$b][1], $TbRecords[$b][2])
            _ArraySort( $TbRecords,0,1,0,2)
            FileWriteLine($file3, $TbRecords [$b][1] & "," & $TbRecords [$b][2] & "," & $TbRecords [$b][3] & "," & $TbRecords [$b][4] & "," & $TbRecords [$b][5])

the file open and every thing is ok... there are 5 dimensions to the split

but i get this error

i cant find where the error is


the first thing i'd suggest is to reformat your loop to a while instead of a For loop, because you're limiting the number of lines. I know that isn't what you were asking for, but just a tip. could you include some sample data that is being brought in? also is this error happening as soon as the script is run, or after some iterations? it's possible you have a blank line in the file, or a header line etc that isn't formatted the same, so you wouldnt' get the same number of elements from that line.
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