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Help with a simple slideshow on 2nd monitor

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G'day all

Just wanted suggestions/help on a ?small? project I've taken on.

I need a super simple (will be used my NON-TECHs) slide show program that will display the images from a folder on a second monitor.

I've roughed up a pseudo code of what I think the code needs but if anyone has an better suggestions please let me know.

The first GUI would remain on the first screen the second on the second monitor.

; Create Main GUI
; Button - Select Folder to display
; TextBox - TimeToDisplay each image
; CheckBox - UpdateFileList on each loop (in case files are added/removed)
; CheckBox - Loop (True = keep going after all images displayed)
; Button - Exit

;Create Second GUI (Slide Show)
; on 2nd Monitor
; No Border
; No controls
; Full Screen
; Image control to fill gui
;      ??? How to handle image streaches, crops, ???

;Get File list from slected directory
    ;If UpdateFileList = true
    ;   Get File list

    ;FOR Loop (File list)
    ;   If image file (ie JPG, GIF, etc) - User could put txt,doc,??? files in directory
    ;     If file exists - (File may have been removed)
    ;       Load File into image control
    ;       Wait "TimeToDisplay"

;Until (loop != True)

I've searched the forums for multi-monitor code but it all appears to be old and I don't really want to play with code updating at this stage.

So any modern libraries/examples that anyone could suggest?

All I need is the ability to place the second GUI full screen on the second screen without the user doing anything.

Another idea that has come to me is not to use a second GUI but instead just change the desktop wallpaper to the selected image.

This would remove a lot of complications as windows would handle any stretch/shrink that was needed if the image was sized correctly.

Anyone got any advice on this idea?

Anyway hope someone can help as they need the program quickly and I'm not sure where/how to start yet. :(


John Morrison

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