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Modem Wireless Signal Strength Tracking

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Fishing for a "best way" to track wireless signal strength from a modem. Normally a user would putty into the modem via the WAN IP address and a specific port number (6070) followed by running a specific AT command (AT+CSQ?).

After running the command the modem displays a response in the putty window.

Receive Signal Strength Indicator, Frame Error Rate as numeric values. This command can be ran over and over and the values from the screen can be copied and pasted but as the command is ran over and over their position on the screen would change. 

Value RSSI Value RSSI Value RSSI Value RSSI
0 -110.00 dBm 10 -99.06 dBm 20 -88.13 dBm 30 -77.19 dBm
1 -108.91 dBm 11 -97.97 dBm 21 -87.03 dBm 31 -76.09 dBm
2 -107.81 dBm 12 -96.88 dBm 22 -85.94 dBm
3 -106.72 dBm 13 -95.78 dBm 23 -84.84 dBm
4 -105.63 dBm 14 -94.69 dBm 24 -83.75 dBm
5 -104.53 dBm 15 -93.59 dBm 25 -82.66 dBm
6 -103.44 dBm 16 -92.50 dBm 26 -81.56 dBm
7 -102.34 dBm 17 -91.41 dBm 27 -80.47 dBm
8 -101.25 dBm 18 -90.31 dBm 28 -79.38 dBm
9 -100.16 dBm 19 -89.22 dBm 29 -78.28 dBm

One thought would be to run the command once and then copy and paste the value into a text file, exit the entire process and then run it again if I wanted to check the signal a second time. I would ideally like to do this without having to constantly close and reopen putty.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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