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Need solution for a not so smart customer base

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Currently when I do an install for my customer base, i need to create a .exe for each customer in auto it as such

#AutoIt3Wrapper_icon = Custom.ico
DIM $sLocation =  'ServerIPAppFolder'
$sLocation = $sLocation & 'Executable.exe';
so that it can be dropped into a web folder so that desktop users can download the shortcut from the web
problem is that i need to create it each time
Any one have a good idea how I could make an executable shortcut, but have the process be self reliant so a simple exe could be run to generate the short cut exe
I can't use the Shortcut genertator as it WebBrowers won't allow you to down load them
The NTFSLink is also out as it doesn't seem to like when I hard link by IP
#AutoIt3Wrapper_icon = Custom.ico
DIM $sLocation =  'ServerIPAppFolderExecutable.exe'
DIM $sLocation2 =  'WebServerIPApFolderContent'
DIM $sExe ='Executable.exe';
;$sLocation2 = InputBox('Web Content Fololder', 'Input the path of the Web content folder.' & @CRLF & @CRLF  & 'You must use the ipAddress','WebServerIPApFolderContent')
$sLocation2 = $sLocation2 & $sExe
MsgBox(0,FileCreateNTFSLink ($sLocation,$sLocation2,1),  $sLocation & @CRLF & $sLocation2);
it might be that i am missing something simple on the CreateNTFSLink
Any thoughts?


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