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Help with GUICtrlCreate handles and GUICtrlDelete

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Hello AutoIT community,

From what I understand, GUICtrlCreate functions generates controls on a GUI and returns the identifier i.e. controlID of the control, while GUICtrlDelete deletes a control specified by its controlID.

I believe that the identifier returned by GUICtrlCreate functions is unique for every control generated, but I have noticed a case where it is possible that after GUICtrlDelete is used to delete controls, GUICtrlCreate functions reuse the controlID values of the controls that were deleted by GUICtrlDelete.

To give an example,

$ctrl1 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("1",10,10,100,30)
MsgBox(0,"Value of $ctrl1",$ctrl1)
$ctrl2 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("2",10,10,100,30)
MsgBox(0,"Value of $ctrl2",$ctrl2)


When I tested the code, both Messageboxes gave me the same value for the controlIDs ('3' and '3' in my case when I ran the code).

Is it possible for GUICtrlCreate not to return controlIDs of controls that were deleted beforehand? The program I am currently writing requires the constant generation and destruction of controls, and this is causing me problems because the wrong controls are being deleted... I couldn't find any relevant topics regarding this by search the forums so any help will be greatly appreciated!


(p.s. this is my first post in the forum, pls be gentle :sweating: )

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Why would you need to Create and Delete Controls? Can't you re-use them or Hide the ones you don't want to show?


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Hi Jos,

It's kind of hard to accurately explain my program to you, but I'll try.

I'm creating this program where users can make their own full fledged Windows apps using my program. To elaborate, it's kind of like Koda but forms, not code, are generated and the forms that are generated are actually able to take in input and do useful stuff with it. It comprises two GUIs, one where the user enters information to generate his forms, and the other which is the application itself, which is generated according to what the user entered in the other GUI. 

The form creation process begins with the user adding objects to the form that he wants to create. Objects include the usual GUICtrlCreate controls (labels, buttons, images lists etc) and database tables for the user to store information in. To make the form useful, users can then associate these objects with functions, such as opening another form, saving the information from an inputbox into a database table previously created by the user, reading information from a database and displaying the information into a listview etc.

The problem mentioned in the previous post comes in when I try to make the object defining controls in the form creation GUI. Since each object has functions specific to itself, I have to tweak the object defining controls such that it shows the correct functions available to the object. To tweak this input, I used to do it using a myriad functions such as GUICtrlSet, GUICtrlHide, ControlMove etc but lately I realised that performance would be much more efficient and quick if I just recreate the object defining controls (using GUICtrlDelete then GUICtrlCreate) such that it shows the correct stuff. However, I have realised that the recreation process sometimes cause the wrong control to be deleted due to the control handle problem as mentioned in OP, thus OP.

Hope it's not too confusing T_T


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If you're creating and deleting controls, and you're deleting the wrong ones because the handles are reused, then you've got more problems with your script than the reused control IDs. You should be keeping track of which variables go with which control and not depending upon whatever it is you're doing now.

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