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Can anyone explain me these commands?I've been "with AutoIt" from beta 23 or so, and I haven't seen these commands..Can anyone give me a working example of using these 2 commands?And can anyone explain what they do, in detail..how to call a function, and I can't just use DllCall to do the same job..What is the diff between DllCall and PluginOpen???

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This Commands were introduced with beta 71 or so and are one more GREAT feature from Jon and the core developers. It can call a special C/C++ function located in a dll shipped with your script just as it would be a standard AutoIt function.

The big advantage is that C/C++ is much faster /if you know how to code with it *g*). There is a SDK availible, which you can download from here: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/beta/plugin_sdk/

It includes a little example how to use this functions in reality.

See the original post from Jon introducing this feature:


If you would have used the site search, you would have found all this information...

I hope you get started now, peethebee

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Thanks for the much needed info..Thought I'd missed something ;)..No..really..it's a pretty cool concept..And yes, I'll probably start SEARCHING at some point but I have this little problem, called an internet connection..which is still dialup..and waiting roughly 4-5 minutes per page multiplied by the number of pages I need to navigate through to get my answer is not my idea of spending 3 hours..I'd rather wait 5 minutes to load the "New topic" page, and then wait another minute or so to post my question..

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