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Assigning arrays by reference

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Arrays are such a versatile way of storing and manipulate data.

In Autoit you can have a Array of Arrays but there is, as fare as I know, a cavete. You can not assigne a sub array to a variable by reference.


#include <Array.au3>
Func GetSubArray(ByRef $rootArr, $arrID, ByRef $subArr)
  ;Use $arrID to locate the subArr, in this sample 0
   dim $index=0
  ;This will creata a copy of the array in $rootArr[0].
  ;Is it possible to assigne it by reference?
   $subArr = $rootArr[0]

dim $rootArr[2]
$rootArr[0] = _ArrayCreate("Item1","Item2","Item3")
dim $subArr
GetSubArray($rootArr, "SomeID", $subArr)
$subArr[0] = "Modified1"
_ArrayDisplay($subArr, "Retrived sub array")
_ArrayDisplay($rootArr[0], "Referenced array")

Have I missed how or is it not possible to assigne an array by reference to a new variable?

Would it be hard to implement? I'm asking since I feel the code sort of must be inside autoit allready since it suports ByRef in and out of the function.



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