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Run Untitled scripts without saving them manualy

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Hi guys! Here is a little Scite augmentation script I wrote. Hope someone will find it useful too :)

As an autoit beginner I often need to check some code, but before it runs file has to be saved. That is exactly what this func will do for you)

$PathToFile = "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Examples\NFldr\" ;Tells where to save to
   $FileName = "_Mind_Checking_In_" ;Feeling creative? Give it another name.
   $iMin = 10  ;Starting value
   $iMax = 19

Just specify default folder to save files, more convenient file name, if you wish so, and number range which will be appended to the file name to be able to tell them apart.

I prefer two-digit values for sorting reasons.

So, thats it. Enjoy :dance:

TestScript heaven (UntiltedSaveAndRun).au3

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This is an option, but because open file starts in the folder relative to the current opened script and I have multiple folders for tested, for working, for completed scripts it forces me to jump around too much. In addition to this when working on understanding more complex ideas in multitude of scripts test files tend to multiply faster then mushrooms after the rain, so having this process sort of automated helps a bit with a work flow. That's my thoughts on it.

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