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I wanted to write a pc timer for my little brother so that my parents can see how much

he plays every day. Now what I want the script to do:

-no tray icon

-a small menu window with three buttons: pause, current time and yesterday time

:::Pause will run a file called shield.exe, current time will display the played time so far

and yesterday time will display the time from yesterday

-Count time while shield.exe is running

-log time when pc was turned on and off, then finally substract the pause time which

was logged while shield.exe was running, to get the final play time

-reset the play time everyday and save the old time for the yesterday time function

maybe by renaming a text document and displaying its content in a message box

so he doesnt have access to the txt file to change the times...

Explanation of shield:

Shield.exe is a script I already made myself, its basically a blurred window covering

the whole screen blocking all mouseclicks etc. you cant close it whatever you do. Only

pressing esc closes it.

Notrayicon is easy, the gui is also easy with koda form designer. Which is the best way to

record the open time of shield.exe and finally substract it from the total time? And how do

you record the time when the pc was shutdown ? Recording the turn on time is easy, i got

a script which sync's the system time with an online server and then writes the current time

to a txt file. The everyday reset could be done by using the above mentioned script

which syncs the system time and date and then see if its already the next day.

Another question: Could this be done automatically? Like if the pc is idle for 10 seconds (no keyboard presses or mousemovements for 10 sec) open shield.exe (to prevent him from watching long videos and

letting that count as a pause) and the record the idle time and when the mouse gets moved or a key gets pressed close shield.exe. Instead of the menu just a shortcut on the desktop which substracts the idle

time from the total time and then shows both current and yesterday's time.

Thanks in advance for suggestions on how to make this & best regards,


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