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Firefox title bar chopped off when opened with Run function

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When I use the run function to open firefox, the top edge of the title bar is missing and the three buttons at the top-right of the window are black. See the attached pic.

I'm using firefox 29.0.1 and Windows 7. This only started happening in this version of Firefox. (I now tried it in FF 30 and it's still a problem.)

I was able to solve this by uninstalling and reinstalling FF, but when I opened FF with the run function it happens again, and the only way to solve it to uninstall and reinstall.

Here's the code:

If Not ProcessExists("firefox.exe") Then
   Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe")

Any ideas?


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I am running Firefox v30., Win7 32bit(x86). Since version 29 if my browser window was not Maximized, the window controls(maximize,minimize,restore etc.) would disappear however, if you hover your cursor in the taskbar (over the firefox icon) a control will appear. Right click on the window instance then left click on maximize. That black spot should be gone and your window controls should come back. I don't know why Mozilla did this. Maybe someone else will chime in and tell us there's a setting in 'about:config' that can change/disable this behavior.

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