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IE popup error

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I m using IE8 in a windows xp VM, sometime I got a "Operation Aborted" error msg when I visit a webpage and the bot paused until a manual click ok.

How can I auto click the OK button to when the error msg popup?


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here is the explain from microsoft


and more:


I have got IE8 installed, and I m still seldom getting this error from the same page. I suppose the error popup when the network speed is very slow

however my question is not about this error but when the IE popup an error msg, how to click it by Autoit?

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Both articles mention that the problem got fixed in IE8, and this part:

The operation aborted dialog in Internet Explorer 7 is triggered by an HTML parsing exception that occurs when all the following specific conditions are met:

  1. The HTML file is being parsed
  2. Script is executing
  3. The executing script attempts to add, or remove an element from an unclosed ancestor in the markup tree (not including the script block's immediate parent element)


Says that you might have misread/didn't read the article, perhaps your script is doing something to the page that leads to the error message?

About your question, you could get the handle of the error message, set your script to monitor and wait for that message (only when it normaly shows up) and if it does, to click the Ok button.

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