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Run as different User levels

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Hi guys.

I'd like to Run() another process with the following 3 rights:

- With admin rights

- Without admin rights

- Same as my process' level

Here are some basic plots of it:

- 1st case: My script is running without admin rights, but I'd like to start a process with admin rights.

- 2nd case: (Vica-verse) My script is running with admin rights, but I wouldn't like if the other process would inherit it.

- Running as the same level is a simple Run() since it does exactly what it should have.

I've got no idea how to start it, since I can't have the password for RunAs().

[This way if I'm  running in user mode, then the usual UAC would prompt if I run  the target as admin]

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I like using PsExec or PaExec or scheduled tasks.

You can specify all of the above with those, but all (I should say most) will require passwords.

You can have the scheduled tasks setup, before hand, and then call them, to get around the storing of passwords.

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