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newbie question

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i would like to know if it's possible to get a error code or some other indication when a recorder can't complete the operation that was recorded.

Example: the .exe file that supposed to be clicked by the recorder has been removed from the desktop.

or input type which now is disabled...


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Hey Yariv!

well it would be dependent on your code, but generally you can just query the @error macro immediately after the line of code that executes.

For example:

$hFile = FileOpen("C:\Somefile.txt",0)
if @error then msgbox(0,"Error!","There was an error opening the file")

the @error macro works the exact same as %errorlevel% in batch files if you've had any experience coding with them previously.

The alternative is too assign the function to a variable (as i have done in the example with fileopen) and then query against that....
The return codes can all be found in the autoit documentation here

if you still have difficulty, Post your code, and we can have a look at it for you :)


give a man an application, and he'll be frustrated for the day, Teach him how to program applications and he'll be frustrated for a lifetime.

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