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Func _StringBetween($s,$from,$to)
Return StringMid($s,$x,$y)

This is very useful when parsing webpages..Suppose you get the HTML code of a webpage(by _InetGetSource..but I'm a InetGet fan..) and want some magic value that's between two KNOWN strings..

For example:

<span class=red> This is the string you wanna get </span>

You'd just call _StringBetween($s,"<span class=red> ","</span>")

Comments are welcome, optimizations, bug-reports, suggestions..whatever you want..It helped my ass out when I was parsing such a webpage, and thought it might be useful to someone..Cheers..


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how does it know (or how do you specify) specific lines?

what i mean is

say there is html like this

<i> blah blah </i>

<i>hello this is a test </i>

<i> test test test</i>

your example is "You'd just call _StringBetween($s,"<span class=red> ","</span>")"

so i'd call _StringBetwen($s,"<i>","</i>")

how do i know which line it will get? or how do i specify?

say i just want the "hello this is a test" line?


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