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Programming noobie trying to translate .NET to AutoIt

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Thanks ahead of time if you can help me, folks -- and I have to beg for your patience with this one. Here's the situation: a vendor's COM API documentation is from a .NET perspective, and I am just abysmally ignorant of that language and OO in general. And here's a question that's an example of of what I need to know:

If I were to try to do the following --

Public Function GetCustomData(ByVal strVar As String) As String
    'Get the controller
        Dim dc As PCProxyLib.DataController
        dc = GetDataController()
    'Get the ports table
        Dim tbl As PCProxyLib.DataTable
        tbl = dc.GetTable(PCProxyLib._Tables.dtFlags)
    'Save the flags
        GetCustomData = tbl.GetString(strVar)
    Catch ex As Exception
        GetCustomData = ""
    End Try
End Function 

-- in AutoIt, how would I go about it?

I understand that  Dim dc As PCProxyLib.DataController  is probably equivalent to  Local $dc = ObjCreate(PCProxyLib.DataController)  and so forth -- but the details are bogging me down enough that I just fail to make headway.

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