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ImageSearch error

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Hello i have problem with imagesearch

#include <ImageSearch.au3>
global $y = 0, $x = 0
Func checkForImage()
Local $search = _ImageSearch(@ScriptDir & "/img/mm2.png" , 0, $x, $y, 0)
If ($search = 1) Then
MouseMove($x, $y, 10)
   MsgBox(4096, "a", "a")
while 1


>"C:Program FilesAutoIt3SciTE..autoit3.exe" /ErrorStdOut "C:UsersxxxxxrDesktopDON_DESKTOPxxxxxxxxxxxxbot.au3"    
>Exit code: -1073741819    Time: 1.509
It doesn't moves the mouse it just terminates... I have the lastet version of imagesearch plugin and include...
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IamTheKing, as you are referencing powerbot, perhaps you should become familiar with the forum rules (link is at the bottom right of every page) before continuing, especially the part that deals with game automation.

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