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Hide Au3Stripper Call() unsolvable Func messages.

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Is it possible to hide "Found Call() statement using unsolvable Func" messages generated bu Au3Stripper?

I use Au3Stripper to strip unused variables and functions. I have been ignoring the above mentioned messages in the console when compiling, because I know they wont break my script. But I have on occasion missed valid error messages because the console has several of these "unresolvable Func" messages and I missed the new message.

The error messages are typically generated when Call() & DllCallbackRegister() are encountered.

I can stop the messages by placing "#Au3Stripper_Off" & "#Au3Stripper_On" before and after each offending function call,  This is fine for my own code, but several UDFs I use (eg SQLite.au3, Timers.au3, AutoitObject.au3) would need to be modified and I don't really want to do that.


Is there an alternate solution that avoids editing the UDFs?


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