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How to eject a sd-card

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Hello to all,

I've written a little program with autoit which calls during running coded dates from a sd-card to sign in to special folders in my home network.

On the end of the program it checks if the sd-card is still inserted. If yes, I get a message to remove it. Now I have always to click on the USB-Icon in systray to eject and remove the card properly.

My wish is to integrate a function to do this in my little program so I can remove the card without any probs. I was looking around for a solution but couldn't find once. Oh, I don't want to use an external program like 'ejectmedia.exe' or anything like that.

Is somebody there with a idea?

Please excuse my bad English but I'm a German and did my realy very best.


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You will want to look at Diskpart for command line: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490893.aspx    Or Drivetools: http://www.uwe-sieber.de/drivetools_e.html

For Diskpart do:

  1. Type diskpart and wait for the diskpart prompt (DISKPART>)

  2. Type list volume

  3. Note the volume number of the SD drive carefully (use listed properties such as drive letter, label, type and size for help)

  4. Type select volume <number>, where <number> is the volume number noted above


  5. Type remove all dismount

  6. Type exit to quit Diskpart

If that works, then you should be able to script this using the run command ( I would absolutely certain that the SD card is the same volume EVERY time, aka this approach isn't a good idea if you or others will be plugging or unplugging other devices into your system/mounting other drives/mapping new drives while attempting this)

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