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Running a proxy server, how?

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First sorry if it's not the best place to post such a thread.

Let me explain what's going on.

I got a Windows VPS, running Windows Server 2003, and I'm tring to run a SOCKSv5 ProxyServer with authentication.

I have installed CCProxy and started the proxy server, but it can only support about 1400 concurrent connections, however the VPS has a lot of free resources (RAM, CPU etc), while there are +1400 connectings.

I search a bit and I found that CCProxy can't handle more than this amount and it's mentanied in thiere website as well.

I tried another software, SocksPuppet, but that supports even less (about 750 concorrent connections).

I tried to run squid on Windows, I was successful but it doesn't support SOCKSv5, it only supports HTTP(S) as far as I know.

Anyone here exprienced with this kind of things? Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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OK, for anyone who is interested to know, the biggest problem of all proxy server softwares on windows is that they are creating a thread for each connection, while in most cases a single thread can handle a lot of connections. I found a light weight software which is using a thread pool to handle a dozen of connections with 200 threads.

In windows there is a limit on the maximum number of threads a process can create.

I solved the problem for now.

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