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Give window titles that run as other user a prefix


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I wrote a little script that runs programs in an other user context.

To see in which context it is running I would like to read out the original window title and combine it with the prefixed username. For example the command-prompt: Instead of "Command Prompt" I would like "Admin - Command Prompt".

With some programs works this alright, but in the most cases it won't. Here my code:

$user = "Admin"
$pid = Run(MyProg ...)
$win_list = WinList()
For $n = 1 To $win_list[0][0]
$title = $win_list[$n][0]
$proc  = WinGetProcess($title)
If $proc = $pid Then
WinSetTitle($title, "", $user & " - " & $title)

RunAsSet() and so on are correct but I want to show only the interesting code.

I know that it can work only in windows which do not change their titles periodly but for example the program

"MyUninstaller" from www.nirsoft.net isn't showing the title correct.

Is there an error in reasoning or can I change my script to better working one.

Or even better: @all AutoIt-Gurus out there: Is there a simpler and/or better solution to manage?

Thx for your replies ;)



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