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Need help with DOS Command

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I am pretty new to AutoIT and need some help with something I tried to realize with it...

My intention is to write a Script that uses the net use command of windows to connect a share... i saw the impressive encryption sample gui and planned to use some encryption functions in my script.

When finished it sould look like that:

net use X: \\server\share /USER:username /PASSWORD:encrypted_password

But i got a hanging Script without even touching the encryption stuff :P

net use X: \\server\share

I tried it by using the RunWait command, but the Script simply hangs...

RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'net use X: \\server\share', "", @SW_HIDE)

Any suggestions? Thx in Advance ;)


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Try the beta:

DriveMapAdd( "device", "remote share" [, flags [, "user" [, "password"]]] )

Who else would I be?

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