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Question about Keeform

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I apologize if this is not the right place to post this question.  My question is in regards to a program call Keeform that's a plugin for Keepass.  This program was created using AutoIt by a developer named Dave.  I saw a previous post regarding Keeform in this forum so it seemed like a good starting point since the Keeform website has now means of contacting the developer.  I'm having an issue with the program and would like to figure out how I can fix it.  I was able to download the source files but I don't think the project is being maintained anymore.   I've also download the AutoIt program so I'll starting looking at it.  I've added a summary of my issue below.  I was thinking that maybe adding some sort of delay to the program (if the about:blank webpage was loaded) may help address this issue.  Thoughts?

I just received a new corporate laptop with Windows 7 and IE 8. I'm having an issue opening and logging into a website using Keepass and Keeform. I have Keepass setup to use Keeform to open and log me into a website when I double-click the URL. Some entries, when clicked, go directly to the website and login flawlessly. Other URLs (most of corporate ones) first take me to a page with a URL showing "about:blank" for 1-2 seconds before proceeding to the website in the URL. These fail with Keeform error of 800706B5 - The interface is unknown. I'm guessing because it's not the right site containing the username/password fields.  If I override the URL to not use Keeform, the process does not take me to the about:blank page before opening the URL. This was never an issue with my previous Windows XP machine and IE 8. The corporate URLs did not first go to the about:blank page.

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