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script stuck on pause

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hi all

i have a problem closing this script after it finishes its run... the autoit icon stays and appears as "paused"

besides that it does what it should - check for a file and according to its modify date run it for some days as described in the ini file

any help would be appriciated :)

thanks and have a great weekend


If FileExists("Q:TermAutoit_Codesafety_eventssafety_event.ppsx") Then

            $days2run = Int(IniRead("Q:TermAutoit_Codesafety_eventssafety_events.ini", "SCRIPT_PARAMETERS", "days2run", "2")) * 24

            $win_timeout = Int(IniRead("Q:TermAutoit_Codesafety_eventssafety_events.ini", "SCRIPT_PARAMETERS", "timeout_sec", "60")) * 1000

            Dim $safety_event_timestamp

            $safety_event_timestamp = FileGetTime("Q:TermAutoit_Codesafety_eventssafety_event.ppsx", 1, 0)

            $safety_event_timestamp_lag = _DateDiff('D', $safety_event_timestamp[0] & "/" & $safety_event_timestamp[1] & "/" & $safety_event_timestamp[2] & " " & $safety_event_timestamp[3] & ":" & $safety_event_timestamp[4] & ":" & $safety_event_timestamp[5], _NowCalc())

            If $safety_event_timestamp_lag < $days2run + 1 Then

                        ShellExecute("Q:TermAutoit_Codesafety_eventssafety_event.ppsx", "", "", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)



                        WinKill("PowerPoint Slide Show - [safety_event]")




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You need to add error checking in your script, to see where the problem is. Look at @error, and ConsoleWrite in the help file. If you aren't generating any errors, a ConsoleWrite after every step can at least tell you how far you're getting.

You can also use Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1). Then when the script stalls, you can hover your mouse over the tray icon and see which line it is sitting at.

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I can't say exactly why the AutoIt icon stays in the tray after the program exit's, but it says 'paused' only because that is the default operation that is performed when the icon is clicked on. The script doesn't go into that state until then. The icon may still be there because the script isn't actually exitting when it should, IOW, it may still be running for some reason. The error checking that JLogan3o13 suggested is probably the only way to determine what the reason is, or where it is..

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