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Automation of custom control

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We are using ComponentOne (Grapecity)'s spreadsheet control in our windows application developed in VC++. I want to read or write to/from control's cell.

Control Information is as follows (collected using AutoIt v3 Windows Info)

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: SPR32AU80_SpreadSheet
Instance: 1
ClassnameNN: SPR32AU80_SpreadSheet1
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:SPR32AU80_SpreadSheet; INSTANCE:1]
Position: 11, 10
Size: 441, 250
ControlClick Coords: 141, 39
Style: 0x56810000
ExStyle: 0x00000000
Handle: 0x002D0768


I am new to AutoIt. Can anyone please help me how i can proceed?

Thank you.

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That particular control is SPR32AU80_SpreadSheet11, although you may have to use it's advanced class name [CLASS:SPR32AU80_SpreadSheet; INSTANCE:1]. You probabaly can use the ControlSetText to write to it, and ControlGetText. Refer to the Help file for more of a description of those (and more! :) ) functions.

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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Thank you somdcomputerguy and Universalist for your reply.

somdcomputerguy :

I tried using ControlSetText and ControlGetText but no luck. And using those api how can i get the data of specific cell for e.g row-2 and column-1

Universalist :

I will read the link provided by and try to implement. If i face any problem i will let you know


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