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dircopy with server filepath

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Hi All,

Does DirCopy work with server filepath? im trying to do a simple script to copy files a location in sydney to our london office and i'm trying to use the following code but it doesnt seem to do anything.

Just wondering if im missing something or if its not possible due to the connection or what.

dircopy("\\fsydcl2\fcgp\PRO\Procurement\15-16\Supplier Contracts\Europe - GTA","\\flonh02.uk.fcl.internal\data$\Department\Product\FCGP EUROPE PROCUREMENT\CONTRACTS\15-16\GTA")
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so that failed because i missed the 1 even though the last part is optional?

I don't understand why it didn't work especially since it did not exist and in the function help remarks it states:


If the destination directory structure doesn't exist, it will be created (if possible).

Anyway, works now just because of the missing 1.

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