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Basic script Issue - Program not Showing ( .Net dll )

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Hi - I think your Documentation is outdated?

I have been reading the help file "Using the .NET Interface"

I can't get anything like what is there to work.

the closest I can get is to reference AutoItX3.dll

Then I try the C# code..

            AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3 a = new AutoItX3();
            a.Run("notepad.exe", @"c:windows");
It appears to run notepad but it isn't visible - it just creates a process.
I am using a 64 bit machine - even if I register and reference the 64 bit dll - it does the same.

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Hi, I am a new user of AutoIt  (Just started today) and this code worked just fine for me.  I am using it inside of a plugin for Autocad.  Thus the commandmethod attribute.

You need to reference AutoItX3.Assembly.dll and not the AutoItX3.dll. There is no need to register any dll.   If you distribute your application then you need to make sure to distribute AutoItX3.Assembly.dll, AutoItX3.dll, and AutoItX3_x64.dll as well.

using Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime;
using AutoIt;

namespace Brow.MepUtilities

public Class TestCommands
    public static void Notepad()
        AutoItX.Run("Notepad.exe", @"C:\Windows");
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