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AutoIt v3.3.13.0 Beta


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File Name: AutoIt v3.3.13.0 Beta

File Submitter: Jon

File Submitted: 07 Jul 2014

File Category: Beta (7th July, 2014) (Beta)
- Added #2761: AutoIt.chm title versioning.

- Fixed #2755: SetError() doc precision.

- Changed: _SQLite ->

- Added #2732: ObjName() doc example.
- Added #2751: Regions and GUI control tip labels to the control sample example.
- Added #2764: _WinAPI_ShellExecuteEx(), _WinAPI_GetPriorityClass() doc constants.

- Fixed #2734: Incorrectly setting the wrong member.
- Fixed #2736: DriveGetType() and _WinAPI_SetWindowPos() Doc Constants.au3 to AutoItConstants.au3.
- Fixed #2737: _WinAPI_ShellGetStockIconInfo() doc $SIID_ constants.
- Fixed #2744: Requires IE5 removal as Min OS = Windows XP.
- Fixed #2741: _WinAPI_DrawThemeEdge() constants reference in BorderConstants.au3.
- Fixed #2740: _WinAPI_IsProcessorFeaturePresent() doc $PF_* constants.
- Fixed #2739: _WinAPI_SetLocaleInfo() doc $LOCALE_* constants.
- Fixed #2738: _WinAPI_ShellRestricted() doc $REST_* constants.
- Fixed #2745: Mismatch of supported operating system with the official AutoIt site.
- Fixed #2746: IE6Example.htm refreshing and associated COMRef.htm.
- Fixed #2749: Bad Include in Com example.
- Fixed #2748: Variable used before declaration.
- Fixed #2758: _ArrayPermute() with multicharacter delimiter.

- Fixed: False error report on Com variable.

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