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Inconsistent console output


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When I run scripts, the old versions of AutoIt would produce errors in my console output something like this..

I:\Cor\Dev\AutoIt\test.au3 (7) : ==> Unknown function name.:

If I click that line (in editplus output window), it takes me directly to the offending line in my script. Great time-saver!

But in recent versions of AutoIt, that output is now..

"I:\Cor\Dev\AutoIt\test.au3" (7) : ==> Unknown function name.:

With extra quotes around it. Clicking this does nothing (I know, it's not ideal behaviour from Editplus).

Thing is, during a compile, I get output (from AU3check) like this..

"I:\Cor\Dev\test.au3"(13,8) : error: foobar(): undefined function.

With quotes again, but this time with the line number (13[,*]) butted up against the file name. Editplus handles this format (with or without quotes) just fine.

I've already reported the "bug" to Sangil, so hopefully future versions of Editplus will handle any format, but it wouldn't it also be preferable to have the same output in both AutoIt and AU3check?

;o) Cor

nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool..

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