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Update a option/parameter in DllCall

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Hi Forum!

I don't know very well DllCall and similar, and I try update a value submited with DllCall.

How do this?

For example, I have this function:
The options "wstr" receive any string.
How is possible update/chage the string in "wstr"?

Or unload/delete this DllCall and do it again?



Func _IrrAddBillboardTextSceneNode($h_Font, $s_Text, $f_XSize, $f_YSize, $f_XPos = 0, $f_YPos = 0, $f_ZPos = 0, $h_Parent = 0, $i_TopRGBA = 0xFFFFFFFF, $i_BottomRGBA = 0xFFFFFFFF)
Local $aResult
$aResult = DllCall($_irrDll, "ptr:cdecl", "IrrAddBillboardTextSceneNode", "ptr", $h_Font, "wstr", $s_Text, _
"float", $f_XSize, "float", $f_YSize, "float", $f_XPos, "float", $f_YPos, "float", $f_ZPos, _
"ptr", $h_Parent, "uint", $i_TopRGBA, "uint", $i_BottomRGBA)
If @error Or Not $aResult[0] Then Return SetError(1, 0, False)
Return SetError(0, 0, $aResult[0])
EndFunc   ;==>_IrrAddBillboardTextSceneNode
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If I understand your question right, then you have to use 'wstr*' instead of 'wstr' and the new string value is received in $aResult[3].

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