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ControlSend has problem with Text input


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I want to change an input field in a window, so I do:

the original text is '39', I want it to '49'

ControlFocus('windowName', '' , 1005,)

ControlSend('windowName', '' , 1005, '{DEL 2} 49')

and 49 appears in the field, but when I send Enter to close the window, it resets to the original 39. Why?

btw: the program is Virtualdub, section Tuner, Standard windows system.

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I have run into this exact same problem with some internal applications my company develops. Basically anything that is written using a language called Progress, the Controls can not be modified directly. I have to set focus on the control then use the send command. I don't know what language your app is written in but the issue sounds the same.


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I solved the problem using this code:

ControlClick('windowName', '' , 1005)

ControlSend('windowName', '' , 1005, '{BS 2} 49')

Simulating the mouseclick the cursor points to the right of the text, so I make 2 Backspace and then insert the new text. ControlSend with BS WORKS.

I don't know why Focus and DEL doesn't work. ??

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