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How to close cmd window that launched script

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I'm using a simple batch file to launch a script with arguments.  That part works just fine.  But there's an annoying cmd window left open with the contents of the executed command which doesn't close until it detects that the autoit script is exited.  I'm looking for a way to close that window.

I know that inserting "start" before the command to launch in the batch will take care of this.  I guess I'm just on a quest to do this from within the script...

The problem as I see it is I can't just assume that it's the only cmd window open, and I just don't want to start killing processes without knowing that I am killing the correct one.  I'm not seeing anything that will give me the PID of the specific cmd window which launched the script.  Does possibly such an animal exist in some parameter of the arguments?


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Why launch an autoit3 script with a batch file?


ps: You didn't like your old member name any more? :)


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I'm using the batch so I can pass different arguments to autoit as needed to allow me to modify script behavior based on those arguments, and typing them into a command window every time is annoying.   :x

I thought I had already registered.  I couldn't find anything, though.  Whoops...

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