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Need Help with IE input Submit

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$id = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "shipinpId")
$in = _IEFormElementSetValue($id, "test")
$oIE.Document.parentWindow.execScript("return submitInputOnFillorEnter('#{receivingBackingBean.validateASNScanAction}', this, event);")

I use controlsend in my current script but I want to change it. So I came up with the script but it doesn't do anything 

I already tried _IEformsubmit  and _IEaction But no luck.


Html code

<INPUT id=shipinpId onkeydown="return submitInputOnFillorEnter('#{receivingBackingBean.validateASNScanAction}', this, event);" maxLength=20 value=test name=shipinpId>

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It's a company internal website.

After I input something in the inputbox, the cursor must stay in it and press enter key will submit the page. Basically im using "controlsend enter" right now but I read somewhere in the forum that i can use execscript. I tried as shown in my previous post but it is not responding. No console error.

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