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EXE files working from share but not from local folder

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I am hoping there is something simple I am doing worng here.  I have an autoit executable that works when I run it from a share folder, but 'misbehaves' when run from a folder on the computer desktop. (the program has a list of window titles it reads from an ini file and then closes the windows as they appear.)

I have run around in circles trying all sorts of things, but to no avail.

The local file does not appear in the task manager when run, but it does perform some of its functions.  It works perfectly when run from a share folder! 

Windows seems to treat the files differently if they are local, as the 'tooltip' when I hover the point over the file in a file manager window is different.

My question, does windows handle executables differently when run locally and if so, how can I get round it?


Many thanks.

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How are you referencing the INI?

Use this, so you can 'install' it locally, on run:


Really read the helpfile carefully on it.

If that's not the issue, then you will need to add logging, produce a snippet to reproduce, and submit that, so other's can debug.

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