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Bitsadmin job creation issues

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I cannot get it to run inside of autoit. If I take the same command and dump it in a console it works fine. What am I missing?


Func BitsJob() ;Checks if job is running and creates it if it is not
 If Not FileExists("C:bitstransferLibreOfficeLibreOfficePortable.exe") Then
  RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c 'bitsadmin.exe /create libre", @SW_HIDE)
  RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c bitsadmin.exe /addfile libre$libreLibreOfficePortable.exe c:bitstransferLibreOfficeLibreOfficePortable.exe", @SW_HIDE)
  RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c bitsadmin.exe /resume libre", @SW_HIDE)
  If FileExists("C:bitstransferLibreOfficeLibreOfficePortable.exe") Then
EndFunc   ;==>BitsJob
Func BitsAdminCheck() ; Bitsadmin verify and install if needed
 If Not FileExists("C:\Windows\System32\bitsadmin.exe") Then
  FileInstall("C:scriptsbitsinstallerbitsadmin.exe", "C:\Windows\System32\bitsadmin.exe", 1)
 ElseIf FileExists("C:\Windows\System32\bitsadmin.exe") Then
EndFunc   ;==>BitsAdminCheck
Func DirSetup() ; Creates the dir to copy file or files on workstation
 Local $sFldr1 = "C:bitstransfer"
 Local $sFldr2 = "C:bitstransferLibreOffice"
 If DirGetSize($sFldr2) <= 0 Then
EndFunc   ;==>DirSetup
Func Inst_LibOff()
 ;script to install libre
EndFunc   ;==>Inst_LibOff

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I cannot even get this to run

RunWait("C:\Windows\System32\bitsadmin.exe /create libre", @SW_SHOW)

Forgot to mention I am running this on XP but hope to run it on Win7 as well.

AutoIt version is if that matters.

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That line is different than in your script where it has an extra ' character.

Also see you are missing a backslash after on the next line.

What is the working directory when you run the commands manually in a CMD window?

Are you running under Admin credentials and have you tried #RequireAdmin?


edit: Tested with this single line and worked fine for me:

RunWait(@ComSpec & " /k bitsadmin.exe /create libre")
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