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load .mht file

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To whom it may concern.

Hello and perfect timing, first of all thank you for your nice job and your great effort to our project

as we checked your presentation, actually there are some issues that need to be corrected:

about loading our .MHT files (normally which have a size between 5-30 MB) the code seems to load them a little bit slow, and it's super important for us to access them as quick as possible.

also the keyboard arrow keys seems to be unmentioned in the code and we must just use the mouse in the environment.

and the most important issue is when we choose the display the in non full-screen mode, some of the information in the main box will cut and we wont be able to see the whole text or picture or whatever that has been included in the .MHT file. I've attached a picture of this issue to this message so you can find and solve the problem; (as I mentioned before this problem is just in the non full-screen mode)

last but not least I need to remind you that because of the order of our language, we must start every line from right to left so you need to consider this when you write the code.

anyways thanks again for your great job, and I'll be waiting for your respond

Best Regards.

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Hi Wayfarer,

I still haven't seen any problems in your code, because there isn't any.

We probably could help you, but your post is very ambiguous. We can chat about it, but we need code to get deeper and precise.

Just a couple of ambiguous chat:

The MHT files probaly are open with IE, and for my experience, if it have pictures it can take a hell of a time opening them.

The keys/mouse automation depends of your intendes, but keep in mind MHT are HTML inside and you can do some automation.


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Hi again and thanks for your quick respond :)

Man!! I didn't say that the whole code is wrong! all I want to say is there's some issues that need to be fixed, cause as we tried to make the final presentation, we have seen these problems so I contacted you to seek any possible correction, and maybe you're right, maybe some of our codes are the cause of this issue, so let's try this, write a sample code and load an MHT file with Persian or Arabic text in it (it would be better if you use a long text with pictures and stuff), for vertical movement we have a scroll bar in the right side of the box, but for horizontal movement, because there's no scroll at the bottom of the box, some of text inside will crop and we're not able to see it, I have an example of what I'm talking about 34iivsp.png,

so your call


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How about you, as the one reporting the "issue", write a piece of reproducing code to show us what you're having problems with? That is standard procedure on this (and pretty much every other) forum.

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