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Mouse control while display is off

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Hello, members of the forum.
I have written a script for scraping data off of a particular website. It works very well 
using MouseGetCursor function to identify various link and text fields when the screen is 
visible. Unfortunately when the script is running with display off (during unattended 
scheduled task operation) the script fails as MouseCursor is returning 2 (for standard 
arrow cursor) everywhere. Clearly, Windows knows that display is off and the 
MouseGetCursor is receiving incorrect information. 
My question is thus: is there any way to force Windows to switch the display on during 
scheduled task execution so that cursor control and visibility is fully enabled? A 
related question deals with Remote Desktop Connection - is there any way to display the 
cursor of the remote computer being viewed during execution of my script? What's 
interesting is that with RDC on, the script appears to be working, even though the motion 
of the cursor is not apparent, other than from its actions, like highlighting links. 
Looking forward to your insights on the matter.

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