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Encryption - Cryptopp.dll - Crypto++

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I have been using autoit and found it useful in my work. However right now I am trying to export some important infomation from server to a client login console fully written in php.

Current status

Client gui is complete and are able to do the thing I need

Server side is almost complete also (using mysql and php)

My problem:

1. My server side is going to communicate with client (but the client side is portable) and I could use RSA SHA with php (built in) to generate the private and public key as well as encrypt the file/instruction to the client. And I got no problem decrypting RSA SHA based encryption here using my private key

2. I would like to use the crypto++ (cryptopp.dll) but I am an idiot in regard to dll calling on autoit. So I would appreciate all help from anyone with exp in using cryptopp especially in regard of RSA SHA encryption and decryption method. Thanks.

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