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Simulating mouse click when color appear on one pixel

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Hi all,

I am new here and lookoing for some script(app). I dont know anything about programming but hopefully you will understand me.

So I need program where I will predefine with coordinates one pixel on the screen to be checked when predefined color appear. Other thing is some kind of virtual pointer (cursor or whatever looks like), to be appeared on the screen when I start that app.  After starting app I will predefine color (with color code) and drag and drop virtual pointer to position where to click. So for example when blue color appear in predefined pixel then simulate left mouse click in place where virtual pointer positioned.I find here some apps(bot) which simulate clicks in point where predefined color appear, but I need to simulate click in different postion(where virtual pointer is) while my mouse is free to use for other things. Hope you understand me. If anyone can make this, just tell me, we can make a deal.


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