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I need to make a GUI editor. Noob help please

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I have Koda and I have the buttons and general layout I want and I can add the code for those. There is a load Database, Save Database, Verify Files, Exit. There will be an ini file that looks something like:




My script will read all the mpg filed in a directory into an array





I want to create a function where I can compare the names of the video file names to the content in the ini file and if there is a video that is a duplicate then it will highlight it in some way (background orange color) to alert the user that there is a duplicate. Also I want to highlight in another color the video files found in the video directory but are not found anywhere in the ini file. So in the above example Video3.mpg would be highlighted in like blue. I want to be able to list all the beginning numbers and next to the numbers in a new column the name of the video file - with a grid outline like excel. I want the user to be able to edit the lines and then when its all done I want them to be able to save it. The grid outline is not mandatory I just want it to be easier to read.

My question is what kind of element do I need to add to my form in Koda in order to be able to do this? I plan on using a 2 dimensional array to read and write data to the form. Is there a good example of something like this available?

Get Scite to add a popup when you use a 3rd party UDF -> http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/SciTE4AutoIt3/user-calltip-manager.html

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