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hi, i want to know how to write a left mouse click scrip but i dont know anything bout autoit. this what i want it to do. run the strip then it will wait for like 5sec then left click 1 time then wait for like 5sec then left click again then stop. in the middle of the 1st click and the 2nd click i can change the time it take to do the 2nd click. how do i do that? can any1 help me out please. thanks

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Hmmm... I think some working with the help file included would help you a lot...

But, OK:

$waittime = InputBox("Insert time to wait", "Enter the time in milliseconds you want to wait between click one and two")

MouseClick("left") ; This is your first click

sleep($waittime) ; Wait for $waittime milliseconds

MouseClick("left") ; This is you second click

exit ; Exit the script...

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