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regarding List Control SetData

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hi gang,

As you know, if you add an item to the list control which is the same

as an existing item, the list control will (both) fail to add that item,

and will highlight the previous identical item.

I happen to be using the list control for debugging messages, a

situation where some of the debug messages are identical to some

previous debug messages -- and the characteristic of failing to

post the message plus highlighting some previous message is

defeating my purpose.

Two (er no, three) questions:

1. does autoit provide a means of "turning off" the behavior

mentioned above?

2. failing that, is there any other way (for example resetting the

style bits) that will cause autoit to leave my postings alone.

3. failing that, suppose I create my own listbox, using the

create window api call. Will autoit STILL do the search for an

identical item, or will autoit tend to ignore any "user created"


thanks in advance for any help, jw

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as an idea....

when send ing the info to the list control... do this

for $x = 1 to 1000

if @error then exitloop

$read = read file line

send to control ($x- & $read)


this will number the inputs... thus everyone is different



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just in case anybody else is curious, the answer to my problem

was to use the:

"_GUICtrlListAddItem" function

found in the:

#Include <GuiList.au3> file

(part of the beta distribution).

The listadditem function does _not_ look for any duplicate item

among the previously posted items, as setdata does.

cheers, jw

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